[Nfbmo] hb2011 conference committee

Bryan Schulz b.schulz at sbcglobal.net
Tue May 1 19:49:35 UTC 2012


sorry for the repeated info but here it is with yes/no notification.
it is stacked with six against and four in favor along party lines;

against us:
Kurt Schaefer 19 r 420 (573) 751-3931 Kurt.Schaefer at senate.mo.gov 

Dan Brown 16 r 434 (573) 751-5713 Dan.Brown at senate.mo.gov 

Timothy P. Green 13 d 219 (573) 751-2420 Timothy_Green at senate.mo.gov 

in favor:
Will Kraus 8 r 220 (573) 751-1464 Will.Kraus at senate.mo.gov 

S. Kiki Curls 9 d 425 (573) 751-3158 shalonn.curls at senate.mo.gov

against us:
RYAN A. SILVEY  R-38 306 573-751-5282 Ryan.Silvey at house.mo.gov 

RICK STREAM  R-94 401A 573-751-4069 Rick.Stream at house.mo.gov 

THOMAS FLANIGAN  R-127 412C 573-751-5458 Thomas.Flanigan at house.mo.gov 

in favor:
CHRIS KELLY  D-24 106B 573-751-4189 Chris.Kelly at house.mo.gov (573) 751-6593 

GENISE MONTECILLO  D-66 135AC 573-751-9472 Genise.Montecillo at house.mo.gov 

Bryan Schulz

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