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MO Budget Conference Committee to Meet Soon - Need a Cheat Sheet?

From: Traci Gleason 
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Subject: MO Budget Conference Committee to Meet Soon - Need a Cheat Sheet?

      Both legislative chambers have now approved their versions of the state’s fiscal year 2013 operating budget, and the conference committee negotiating the differences between the budget bills may begin meeting at any time.

      The Missouri Budget Project has prepared a “cheat sheet” outlining the differences between the House and Senate on some items to be discussed. More detail on each budget is also available on the Senate Appropriations Committee website.

      The legislature is required to approve the budget by Friday, May 11, 2012, at which time the budget will be sent to the Governor. Conference Committee Members include:

      ·         Senators Schaefer, Green, Brown, Curls and Kraus; and 
      ·         Representatives Silvey, Stream, Lampe, Kelly and Hough. 
      ·         Representatives Montecillo and Flanigan will take the place of some house members for specific budgets.

      Click here for the Missouri Budget Project summary. 


      For more information contact one of the MBP staff: 

      Amy Blouin, Executive Director, ablouin at mobudget.org 
      Traci Gleason, Director of Communications and Public Engagement, tgleason at mobudget.org 
      Jay Hardenbrook, Public Affairs, jhardenbrook at mobudget.org 
      Tom Kruckemeyer, Chief Economist, tkruckemeyer at mobudget.org 

      The Mission of the Missouri Budget Project is: To advance public policies that improve economic opportunities for all Missourians ‒ particularly low and middle-income families ‒ by providing reliable and objective research, public education and advocacy. More information is available at: www.mobudget.org.

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