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Thu May 3 18:47:38 UTC 2012

Budget "Cheat Sheet" CorrectionDear all,

Please find below an update on the budget.


Cory McMahon

From: Traci Gleason 
Sent: Thursday, May 03, 2012 12:44 PM
To: Cory McMahon 
Subject: Budget "Cheat Sheet" Correction

      As is often the case during budget negotiations, funding items can shift from one department to another. In our zeal to get out the timeliest information, we included incorrect information in this analysis specific to early childhood education funding. This link provides corrected information. Our apologies for this error. 

      The budget conference committee negotiations have not yet formally begun because lawmakers are waiting for a separate bill to be approved related to funding for veterans and early childhood education. This funding is counted on in the budget.  

      Once again, we apologize for yesterday's error, and we will update you on the latest status of budget negotiations in tomorrow's weekly update.


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      Tom Kruckemeyer, Chief Economist, tkruckemeyer at mobudget.org 

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