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Subject: [Modisabilaw] Budget Negotiators Reach Agreement

Missouri legislators appear to have reached agreement on the final FY2013 budget which will begin July 1st.  The final budget must be passed by the end of the day tomorrow, May 11th.  


The budget conference committee reached what some are viewing as a compromise on the appropriation for healthcare coverage for persons receiving Blind Pension.  Rather than restoring the program to its original eligibility requirements, the agreement sets requirements similar to the MO HealthNet for Kids program.  Under the program, persons with income up to 300% of the federal poverty level (FPL) would be eligible to receive healthcare services, and those with income over 150% FPL would pay a premium, with premium amounts increasing at incomes at 185% and 225% FPL.


One hitch with the agreement is the question of whether the change can actually be implemented through the budget process or whether additional legislation would also be needed.  The Governor's office is saying that the measure does not change existing law for the program, so there will be more to the story - stay tuned.


The final $24 million budget should be passed by the House and the Senate today and sent to the Governor. 






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