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I spoke with Representitive Chris Kelly at length this morning and he is 
convinced that the premiums will not happen as “you can’t legislate through 
appropriation” in other this  would be creating a new program  and new 
eligibility requirements and a seperate bill would be required to do that. 
It doesn’t matter that they stole the language from CHIPS Family health Care 
program as blind persons are not a part of that program. While I can’t say 
for sure he is right he is  by far one of the most experienced members of 
the state legislature  having served over 20 years in  stints  in both 
chambers so I would think he knows of what he speaks although he could be 
proven wrong. He said the important thing is that the money is there. He 
really does not believe the premiums will go into effect. Also, on our side 
is the Governor who agrees with Rep. Kelly and he is in charge of the 
Department of Social Services. If they took this stuff directly from CHIP 
the premiums for a 1-2 person household would range from $17.00 to $142.00.
We need to keep our ear to the ground in case  regulations do come out to 
enforce the income limits and premiums  but at least the most financially 
strapped persons will continue to be covered in either case.

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Subject: [Nfbmo] MO Health Care for Blind

The Conference Committee Report and Bills were on the House Floor today. The
conference committee substitute bill presented passed in the House on a vote
of 112 to 38(?). The message forwarded by Cory, details the compromise.

On the floor today, the "attempt to legislate" and whether the committee has
this power was mentioned. However the response was that the exact language
was taken from the CHIPS budget item (which is the most generous health care
program). No further discussion on this thread followed. It was reported
that no individual on CHIPS has ever had to pay more than $300 in a single

So it is on to the next step. One thing I did not quite understand was that
the bill gives the authority for the full $28 Mil but is for $25 Mil. Maybe
someone else understands this better than me.


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Subject: [Modisabilaw] Budget Negotiators Reach Agreement

Missouri legislators appear to have reached agreement on the final FY2013
budget which will begin July 1st.  The final budget must be passed by the
end of the day tomorrow, May 11th.

The budget conference committee reached what some are viewing as a
compromise on the appropriation for healthcare coverage for persons
receiving Blind Pension.  Rather than restoring the program to its original
eligibility requirements, the agreement sets requirements similar to the MO
HealthNet for Kids program.  Under the program, persons with income up to
300% of the federal poverty level (FPL) would be eligible to receive
healthcare services, and those with income over 150% FPL would pay a
premium, with premium amounts increasing at incomes at 185% and 225% FPL.

One hitch with the agreement is the question of whether the change can
actually be implemented through the budget process or whether additional
legislation would also be needed.  The Governor's office is saying that the
measure does not change existing law for the program, so there will be more
to the story - stay tuned.

The final $24 million budget should be passed by the House and the Senate
today and sent to the Governor.



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