[Nfbmo] Update on James

sagi mccleary sagi.mccleary at att.net
Sat May 12 03:33:46 UTC 2012



As previously shared, this is a brief check in to let y'all know that he is
sleeping quietly today. I was with him for about 3-1/2 hours. 


Actually, I even managed to nap on that wonderful couch in his room for
about 20 minutes. He never stirred. 


I played a cd that he often liked when he'd visit my home entitled, "Fairy
Ring". We'd sit, enjoying a glass of vino, with a candle near while
listening to this particular cd. James always wanted to hear about the times
I had a meditation/support group in my first home in Ukiah. This cd would be
our meditation sound prior and after we finished a 30 minute session, and
before the actual support group would start. He asked if I'd ever do
something like that here in KC. He'd attend if I decided to do it.


Before leaving, I made sure he was totally covered. His hands and feet are
chilled to touch, but will gradually warm if you decide to just simply hold
them. However, please be aware that this is a temporary state, but it
certainly isn't causing any discomfort for him should you choose to hold his
hands or feet, keep a connection always with love, friendship, appreciation
in mind. He does know that these are genuine thoughts. Keep doing it. You'll
not regret any of this energy.


So. If all is well tomorrow I'll be heading back over. Fyi His radio is
tuned to KKFI at this time. I might tune it to KCUR during my visit tomorrow
only because it is a rather unusual day for some really great music. James
loved it on Saturdays and Sunday evenings.


Again, if any of you are a tad uncomfortable, I'd be willing to be there. He
is comfortable, clean, stable, peaceful. You can trust that this part of his
journey isn't full of pain on any level. Hospice isn't about pain, it is
about the gentle, kind, honorable entire process of one having to leave and
others having to allow it to occur, without shame, guilt, regrets.


Be bless.





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