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I forward this along from Denny. It is the logical follow-up to what they
did last week, but it is worth trying to block if we can.


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                It looks as though Rep. Silvey has submitted an amendment to
SB854 which was passed by the House yesterday.  The amendment will establish
the statutory authority for the recent restructuring of the State Blind
Medical benefit passed in the Appropriations bills.  The Senate voted it
down so it will now go to a conference committee.  Below are the names of
the conference committee members that will address this bill.  We need to
contact these Senators and Representatives and let them know this is not

I don't have the names of the Senate conference members but will send that
info as soon as I receive it.  In the meantime please contact the following
Representatives immediately.


Thomas Long


Thomas.Long at house.mo.gov 


Jay Barnes


Jay.Barnes at house.mo.gov 


RyanSilv 573-751-5282  


Ryan.Silvey at house.mo.gov 


Rory Ellinger


Rory.Ellinger at house.mo.gov 


Judy Morgan


Judy.Morgan at house.mo.gov 




                Should the bill pass the conference committee it would
effectively eliminate a large number of blind pension recipients from
receiving medical coverage.


                We need to let them know that many blind people would be
without medical coverage with not recourse for finding new coverage.  It
would most likely result in many of the recipients needing to eventually go
into a nursing home to receive the care and medical coverage they would
need.  Many of them would need to go to an emergency room to receive health
care costing the state more money in the long run.


Plead our case with them and as always, keep it simple and polite.





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