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Dear Granddad,

I wanted to give you a big thank you Granddad for my pirate ship water table!  I’m so excited to go outside next spring and splash around!  I can shoot a water cannon, drop anchor, play with pirates, and have a swashbuckling good time!  I also wanted to thank you for the money for my college fund.  I will be so happy to have that when I’m all grown up!

I had such a good time at my first birthday party!  Our house was a jungle with monkeys sitting on a flowering vine over the window, jungle animals decorating the house, and a snake cake with a tongue and everything!  I felt like the king of the jungle for the day!  I had lots of my family come and even two friends my size, Maggie and Kellen!

I got so many presents, they were piled up taller than me!  I had fun opening the first present once my daddy showed me how…but then I got distracted by playing with it and didn’t want to move onto the next present.  But that’s ok, because my friend Maggie helped me out.  She’s a little older than me and has figured it all out!  I had so much fun being handed one toy after another after another!

At the end of the evening, my mommy and daddy gave me my smash cake, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it!  My mommy dipped my hand in the icing, but I didn’t like the feel of icing on my fingers and wanted it off.  I really didn’t understand what’s going on, usually my mommy tells me not to touch things!  Mommy says I can try again next year.

Overall it was a wonderful birthday, just like it’s been a wonderful first year!  The quote below sums it up:

I learned to laugh and squeal, then sit and stand, and I can walk now, if you hold my hand, but the fun is just begun, look out world!  I’m turning one!



PS. I attached a picture of our family in the kitchen on my birthday!  I'm sitting in your arms and my mommy, daddy, Aunt Jeanene, and Uncle Chris are standing around us!  I also included a picture of a BIG Sammy smile!
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