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If I order enough of them, will you ship?

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Greetings NFB of Missouri Convention-goers!
   The Lewis & Clark chapter is again offering our famous  trailmixes!
Since every year is different, we can't always guarantee that we can get the
same high-quality dried fruits and unsalted roasted nuts as in other years,
which makes it so much fun to guess what we have now!
This year, our top-of-the-line fruit & nut mix is made from:
Dried mango strips
Dried unsulfured Asian White Peaches
Dried, Tart Montmorency Cherries, slightly sweetened Dried slightly
sweetened Cranberries Dried New Zealand SweetApple Rings Premium Golden
Raisins from Around the World Dried, flattened Whole Banana strips (Not
Banana Chips,these are  amazing) Roasted, Unsalted Cashews,whole and pieces
Roasted, Unsalted Almonds, whole California Walnut,pieces Dried, but still
tender, Apricots.
A full 4 ounces of all this for just $3
We are also offering a very limited selection of just fruit and just  nuts,
3 ounces for $3
And back by popular demand:
Japanese hot (hot hot hot!) Wasabi Dusted dried peas - only for the true
conisseur of Le Stuff Hot -
1.5  Ounces for $2.50.  Don't say we didn't warn you!
Genuine Hickory Smoke roasted, salted Almonds!  Remember the days when  one
of the thrills of flying a certain defunct airline was when the Cabin
Attendants passed out packets of smoked almonds to give your white knuckles
something to unclench on after take-off?  Well,  we've got 'em and it's not
in those dinky impossible to tear open packets
- you  get a whole 2.5 ounces for $3.00!  
  (No, they're not free, but, hey, when you figure the cost of  the plane
ticket, what a bargain!
Better,  the profits go to benefit the NFB and not to jingle  about inCarl
Icahn's pocket!)
And finally, for the budget-minded, a slightly less exotic offering of a
pre-mixed Tropical Trail Mix, containing a more standard melange' of dried
fruits including pineapple, golden raisins, papaya, banana chips,
cranberries  and apricots, with cashews and almonds finishing it off.  I
can't reveal the source of this product, but it rymes with SmallPart.
    I've added more walnuts, cashews and almonds to this mix  - 2.5 ounces
for $2.00!
And there you have it - we'll be selling them from our table at convention
and on the floor Saturday and Sunday.  And for you folks who couldn't make
it this year, I will be very happy to send any of your choice to you via a
friend attending the meeting.  Just tell one of your atending friends what
you want, they can contact me or any other Lewis & Clark member, they pay
us, you pay them and we're all happy!
Eat healthy!
Dan Flasar
_danflasar at aol.com_ (mailto:danflasar at aol.com) 
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