[Nfbmo] ALERT: Medicaid Expansion Hearings inMissouri (fwd)

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Thu Aug 8 17:40:42 UTC 2013

I got this from another list, but it pertains to all of us so I'm sending it 
Date: Thu, 8 Aug 2013 09:17:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: The Alliance for Retired Americans
     <ARACommunications at retiredamericans.org>
To: chris at moblind.org
Subject: {Disarmed} ALERT: Medicaid Expansion Hearings in Missouri

Alliance for Retired Americans

*Medicaid Expansion in Missouri would save 1500 lives and provide 24,000 new 
jobs in the 1st year!*

Medicaid hearings have been successful around the state. The Missouri 
Medicaid Expansion Coalition, of which
the Missouri Alliance for Retired Americans is a member,  continues to have 
people at these hearings to show
the overwhelming support across the state for Medicaid expansion
   * Our goal is to submit 1,000 witness forms at the August 14 hearing. 
Anyone can fill out these witness forms and we will deliver them at the 
August 14 hearings. You can fill out the witness forms online at, 
 ]  Please complete the form and return by August 12.  Or you may call us at 
314-799-6690 and we will send you  a form and/or will complete one with and 
for you.

   * The last hearing is in St. Louis:  Wednesday August 14,  Location TBA, 
9:00 am until there are no more witnesses up to 6:00 pm.  If you are able to 
attend, please let us know at MOARA at YMAIL.COM [ mailto:MOARA at YMAIL.COM ] or 
call 314-799-6690, and we will notify you of the location as soon as we 

   * Medicaid Stories are needed:  one of the missing voices in previous 
hearings has been of  people who don't currently have Medicaid but would 
qualify under expansion.  Their stories need to be told  A member of the 
Medicaid Coalition will work with anyone who gives permission on ways to 
share their story.

Have questions?  Need more information?  Call:  Judith at 314-799-6690.

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