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    Just curious, when is on-line state convention registration arriving?

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Greetings folks we are just about ready to let people who want to update 
their chapter/division websites do this. Please observe the following 

1. only ONE person per chapter/division will have access to that 
chapter/division's website it is helpful to have basic html skills but not 
2. there will be no sharing of usernames for example if the person from 
Columbia is also in charge of the student division website they must log out 
of the Columbia website and then log in the student division to update the 
student division website.
3. for security reasons the use of PHP scripts and visual basic scripts is 
4. the max file size you may upload through Drupal is 8 megabytes. If you 
need to upload files larger this you may e-mail them to the webmaster for 
5. under NO circumstances will you get FTP access
6. logging has been enabled on the website we know when you have logged in, 
logged out and what part of the website you have updated.
7. the webmaster has complete control of NFBMO.org and can remove any 
content deemed inappropriate on the website

more will be decrees at the January board meeting have a good evening

Gary Horchem
NFBMO Webmaster

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