[Nfbmo] Rittgers Award to attend Convention deadline comeing soon

Daniel Flasar danflasar at aol.com
Tue Feb 5 04:05:35 UTC 2013

Hello all,
       I just wanted to let you know that the deadline for the Rittger's 
Award to attend the 2013 NFBMO state convention is fast approaching.   
It has ben extended this year due to a later than normal convention 
date.   All applications need to be received by midnight, February 
21st.   Please send applications via email to myself, Dan Flasar, 
danflasar at aol.com.
      I am unable to take phone applications until the weekend - I'll be 
out of town until Saturday.  Feel free to leave a mesage on my home 
phone, however, and I'll get back to you - (314)646-7128.
      Following is a posting of a resolution passed at the last state 
convention concerning the intent and eligibility criteria of the 
Rittgers Award.

      WHEREAS, under their leadership this affiliate flourished and grew 
throughout the state, becoming a vital voice for blind persons in 
Missouri; and

           WHEREAS, before her death, Gwen contributed the seed money 
for a convention fund to help first timers get to the convention, as 
well as helping those who needed assistance if sufficient funds were 
available, after priority was given to first timers; and

           WHEREAS, it was anticipated that local chapters would 
contribute to the fund to make it self-perpetuating so that maximum 
participation at our conventions would be realized: Now, therefore,

BE IT RESOLVED by the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri in 
Convention assembled this 31st day of March, 2012, in the city of 
Kansas City, Missouri, that each chapter be encouraged to donate at 
least $50.00 per year to the George and Gwen Rittgers Convention Fund; 

           BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the following standards be 
adopted to replace the standards adopted in 1989 for allocating funds 
from the fund:

           1. The state board will allocate the maximum amount to be 
used from the fund by January 31 of each year.

           2. An individual application must be made 30 days before the 
beginning of convention by the person requesting the funds, or by their 
chapter president, which explains the reason for the request.

           3. It is not intended that these funds pay the entire cost of 
convention attendance and the committee is only to allocate funds based 
on need and will not use the entire allocated amount unless recipients 
needs justify it.

           4. The State President may authorize funding after the 
deadline in extraordinary circumstances if funds remain in the 

           5. Whenever practical, funds will be directly paid either to 
cover hotel costs or convention registration and meals.

           6. New or perspective members will be given highest priority 
in their request.

           7. Persons who have previously attended a Missouri convention 
will then be given consideration.

           8. No person shall receive funds a second or subsequent time 
unless they experience an unexpected financial crisis that would 
otherwise prevent their attendance.


Dan Flasar, Chair, 2013 Rittgers Committee

Jeremiah Wells

Rita Lynch

Penny Perr

Bill Neal

Laura Rios

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