[Nfbmo] Onto Access Express.

Magoon Erin magoone at gary-springfield-mo.net
Tue Feb 19 22:47:45 UTC 2013

I am having problems still making rides for Access Express.

I just got off the phone for making rides for two days.  First, I wanted them to pick me up less than a block from where they were dropping me off at the Dentist.  She told me that the reason I was on Access was because I couldn't walk so how would I get there?  I told her it less than a block and I could walk that.  She told me she wouldn't recommend it.  So I'm being picked up where it is dropping me off.

Then I made a ride for next Tuesday to go and talk to an elementary school about blindness and I was informed that the latest they can pick me up is an hour before we are done presenting to the students.

There are other people going so that's not an issue, however, when you make the rides seven days out and still cant get what you want that is an issue.

We are waiting to hear back from The City Council, I'm not sure what the next step should be.

Any suggestions?

Erin and Spencer, the wonderful, amazing and adorable Seeing Eye Guide Puppy!

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