[Nfbmo] The bus Saga Continues.

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Wed Feb 20 23:04:41 UTC 2013

Greetings, folks.  I think our list is going a bit off track.  I think this
started with an unintentional post with the idea it would be shared between
2 people with differing political philosophies.  It has turned into a thread
that can needlessly divide us.  Our list is not a forum for discussing
capitalism, socialism, or communism.  It is not for discussing the pros and
cons of the health reform that is commonly known as Obamacare.  It is not a
forum where we will debate and resolve the issue of our national debt.  It
is not a place where we will be discussing gun rights and the Second
Amendment.  All of this, of course, assumes that there is no blindness
angle, and at least in this case I don't see one.  Let us all enjoy our own
political views, but let us also tried to discuss issues that we must decide
and cope with based on blindness.

Let me conclude by reminding you folks that I am not the list moderator.  It
does no good to write me saying that we have beaten a subject line into the
ground, only thereafter to post another comment on the thread.  It is a bit
like someone at a board meeting suggesting that we move on to another topic
after he or she has had their say.  It gives me a chuckle, but it doesn't
make the list a better place.

I'm thankful for all the activity; let's try to keep it on topic.


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