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Cc: Mulligan, Kate
Subject: Alphapointe Open Positions

Hello All,
I would like to take a moment to inform you of the positions we currently
have open at Alphapointe.  We certainly appreciate your assistance in
referring qualified applicants for these positions.  You can always find an
updated listing of open positions and their requirements at our website at
d=&dept=-1&city=-1&state=-1" We encourage those that are qualified to
complete an application on-line.

  1.  Orientation & Mobility Specialist / Teacher for the Visually Impaired
- full-time position, located at the Alphapointe Kansas City, MO offices.
  2.  Vocational Services Manager - full-time position, located at the
Alphapointe Kansas City, MO offices.
  3.  Customer Service Representative - full-time position, located at Young
& Williams in Jefferson City, MO, must have office experience and be
computer proficient.
  4.  Tier 1 Investigator - part-time positions, located at the Alphapointe
Kansas City, MO offices, must be able to type 30 wpm and be proficient with
JAWS 12 if a JAWS user.
  5.  Switchboard Operator - part-time position, located at the Kansas City
VA Hospital, must be able to type 30 wpm and be proficient with JAWS 10 if a
JAWS user.  This position requires some usable vision.
  6.  Teleservices Representative - part-time position, located at the
Alphapointe Contact Center in Warrensburg, MO.  Must be computer proficient.
  7.  Coming Soon! - Customer Service Representative - full time positions
located in Jefferson City, MO - process inbound customer calls regarding
their smiONE Card.  This position is scheduled to start in July 2013.

Please contact myself
(acampbell at alphapointe.org<mailto:acampbell at alphapointe.org>) or Kate
Mulligan (kmulligan at alphapointe.org) with any questions.  Feel free to pass
these opportunities along to anyone that may be interested.  Thanks for your

Amy L. Campbell
Director of Human Resources

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7501 Prospect
Kansas City, MO 64132

Main (816) 421-5848
Direct (816) 237-2007
Fax (816) 237-2019
Visit us online at www.alphapointe.org<http://www.alphapointe.org/>

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813509?v=wall&ref=sgm>  [Description: Description: Description: Description:
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<http://www.twitter.com/alphapointe>   [Description: Description:
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