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Senate Interim Committee on
Medicaid Transformation and Reform
Gary Romine, Chairman, 3rd
David Sater, Vice-Chairman, 29th
Dan Brown, 16th
Doug Libla, 25th
Rob Schaaf, 34th
Wayne Wallingford, 27th
Jay Wasson, 20th
Joseph P. Keaveny, 4th
Paul LeVota, 11th
Jamilah Nasheed, 5th
Established pursuant to Senate Rule 31.

Duties of the committee shall be as follows:
(1) Development of methods to prevent fraud and abuse in the MO HealthNet
(2) Advice on more efficient and cost-effective ways to provide coverage for
MO HealthNet participants;

(3) An evaluation of how coverage for MO HealthNet participants can resemble
that of commercially available health plans while complying with federal
Medicaid requirements;

(4) Possibilities for promoting healthy behavior by encouraging patients to
take ownership of their health care and seek early preventative care;

(5) Advice on the best manner in which to provide incentives, including a
shared risk and savings to health plans and providers to encourage
cost-effective delivery of care; and

(6) Ways that individuals who currently receive medical care coverage
through the MO HealthNet program can transition to obtaining their health
coverage through the private sector.




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