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Subject: NFB For Immediate Release: Fw: [Nfbnet-master-list] Streaming of 
National Convention

Greetings to all!
Brian has departed for orlando and may not be able to review email messages 
and therefore, please forward to your email lists the following information 
pertaining to streaming of the national convention.
Vincent will provide the information on the state website.
Please share the information and let’s change what it means to be blind.

We care, we share, we grow, we make a difference!
Joe Ruffalo, President
National Federation of the Blind of New Jersey www.nfbnj.org
973 743 0075
nfbnj1 at verizon.net

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Streaming of National Convention

The National Federation of the Blind (NFB) will once again provide live 
streaming of key portions of the 2013 NFB National Convention. We will 
provide a live stream of the meeting of the Board of Directors, all general 
sessions, and the convention banquet. Links for more information and to the 
convention stream itself will soon be posted on the NFB home page at 

In addition to the live streaming provided by the NFB, our media partner, 
RNIB’s Insight Radio­the radio station of the Royal National Institute of 
Blind People­will provide additional convention coverage, including 
interviews with convention speakers and participants, as well as features 
about convention activities and events outside of the general sessions. RNIB’s 
Insight Radio will also cover the presidential report and convention banquet 
live, and will make the rest of the convention available on demand. Insight 
Radio will be providing this additional content throughout the week of 
convention via its Insight Extra Internet service, which can be accessed at 

If you can't attend convention this year, or if you just can't get enough of 
the energy and enthusiasm that is the NFB national convention, accessing our 
live stream and the additional content provided by RNIB’s Insight Radio is a 
great way to keep up with everything that’s happening. See you online!


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