[Nfbmo] Reminder: Rittgers Stipend application deadline next Wednesday, 05/15/13

DanFlasar at aol.com DanFlasar at aol.com
Sat May 11 06:42:15 UTC 2013

Hello Missouri Federationists,

I want to remind everyone that the deadline to apply  to receive a 2013 
Rittgers Stipend to attend National Convention is 5:00 pm,  Wednesday, 
05/15/13.  If you or someone you knew is interested, please  apply ASAP!
    The National Convention will be held Monday,  July 1st through Saturday 
afternoon, July 6th 
at the Rosen Centre Hotel, 9840 International Drive in Orlando,  Florida.  
Please check the NFB website for more  information:
      The NFB National Conventions provide an amazing, life-changing  
opportunity.   NFB members from all over the US and from across  the world meet 
to network, share tips on all aspects of living, to make  new friends, to 
learn new skills and to discover opportunities  to enhance your current skills. 
  There are  numerous seminars, interest group meetings, demonstrations by  
vendors of new and improved devices and much much more.   

As noted in an  earlier post, applicants who have never attended a National 
Convention,  whether as a member of the Missouri affiliate or any other 
affiliate have  priority.    Successful applicants are required to participate  
fully in convention activities each day, and to be prepared to report on 
their  experiences if requested.  You are also expected to share a hotel room 
to  help defray costs.   Applications for a stipend will be considered  for 
non-first timers if funding is available
Below is the form needed to apply for a 2013 Rittgers  stipend.  Please 
fill it out and email to myself, Dan Flasar, at  

_danflasar at aol.com_ (mailto:danflasar at aol.com) 
You can also call me at 
   Please leave a voicemail identifying yourself, your  phone #, why you 
are calling and the best time to call back.  (I will not  return phone calls 
if no message is left.)
Application form:
Full Name:
City, State, Zip
Phone #:
email address:
Missouri affiliate chapter:
Have you ever attended an NFB National Convention?   (Y/N)
Why do you wish to attend the 2013 National  Convention?
Why do you need financial assistance to attend National  Convention?
Remember, deadline to apply, as set by the NFBMO Board, is 5:00  pm, 
Wednesday, 05/15/13.  This will give awardees time to register early,  reserve a 
hotel room and book transportation.   
   Please pass this email to anyone you think may be  interested.
Good luck!
Dan Flasar
_danflasar at aol.com_ (mailto:danflasar at aol.com) 
Chair, 2013 Rittgers Committee
Committee members:
Rita Lynch,   Jefferson City
Penny Perr,    St. Louis,
Jeremiah Wells,   Kansas City
Laura Rios,   Springfield
Bill Neal,  Columbia
Dan Flasar   Lewis & Clark

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