[Nfbmo] This came from a trusted friend.

NJ Lynn freespirit.stl at att.net
Mon May 13 12:25:28 UTC 2013

This information is especially good for those of you in the area, but, if you want to travel for this auction, use the phone number at the bottom of this email to call for specific directions.

Ok folks – If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen that we’re moving to Oklahoma. After researching moving companies, we’ve decided that it’s more economical to sell most of our stuff and buy new once we get settled. So, we’re having an auction this Thursday, May 16, at 3:00. I’m including a link to the real estate listing, and the auctioneer’s listing. We have lots of tools (my dad’s, his dad’s, lots of duplicates we don’t use LOL) 2 motorcycles, a car, lawn tractor, bedroom suite, kitchen set and much more. If any of this interests you, please check out the link. Come on by, we’d love to see you!
Real Estate listing: 
Auction listing: 
Love you all, 
Linda and Jim
P.S. – pray for sunshine!

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