[Nfbmo] the lighthouse situation

robynwallen at juno.com robynwallen at juno.com
Mon May 27 19:26:53 UTC 2013

Jim what the workers were told first was it was a lay off.  Then they were told it was actually a legal termination.  They were asked to clean out their lockers and turn in their badges.  They were then told their benefits would end in 11 days but they had the option of cobra.  They were told there was a slight possiblity that they could come back but could not say when if at all.  They were told that they would get the 2/3 of their salary for 20 weeks.  They could if they called them back come back with full benefits and a slight loss in seniority.   However from what I have been told it does not sound good.  They are now moving people from plant to plant but my question is if finances are so bad why have they not closed one of the plants?  Just thinking outloud. Robyn

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