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Hey Guys,

AWSOME!!!  Great Jobs!!!!



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> Greetings,
> Gary Wunder and I met with officials of the Family Support Division on 
> Friday November 15. I was surprised to be greeted by a former co-worker 
> from my days as a caseworker in the Boone County office, Heather Atkins, 
> along with two other persons from the Program and Policy Unit regarding 
> Blind Pension and S.A.B. problems.
> It was a very good meeting as we explained the difficulties. Here is the 
> upshot:
> First, they told us they are already working on the problems that are 
> particular to the Kansas City area. This is a claim I  believe is true as 
> calls from that region have dropped off in the last couple of weeks.
> Second, they will take steps to change the title of the annual review so 
> clients know it is for the blind programs. However, this might not happen 
> in the current computer system as a new system is coming up in January and 
> the blind programs come on line in January  of 2015.
> Then they gave Gary and myself  contact information to  talk with someone 
> in authority if a severe problem arises again.
> Next the agreed that a letter will be sent to all recipients  explaining 
> in plain language the procedures required to keep their blind pension. 
> The best part of this is that I will create the initial draft of the 
> letter and then they will  edit and correct it to meet legal requirements.
> And finally, most importantly, they will work on setting up a dedicated 
> phone number for blind recipients to call with problems with their cases. 
> Whoever answers the phone will be a caseworker or someone with the ability 
> to actually take action on a person’s case  including granting extensions 
> in some cases. This is a far cry from the current phone center that 
> basically only takes messages.
> I think that is it in a nutshell. Gary can add whatever I left out. I 
> believe this is as close to a touchdown as we could have expected!!!
> Gene Coulter
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