[Nfbmo] Board Agenda

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Fri Oct 4 13:54:59 UTC 2013

Agenda for October 5, 2013


Call to order


Moment of silence for Cora Underwood


Roll call


Introduction of all who are present


Reading of the Minutes, Julie McGinnity


Reading of the Action Points, Julie McGinnity


Reading of the treasurer's report, Carol Coulter


Governmental Affairs report, Shelia Wright


Ways and Means report, Gene Fleeman


Conducting our auction at state convention


Cyber Auction, Gene Fleeman


Membership report, Debbie Wunder


BELL Program, Debbie Wunder


Vehicle Donation Program, Natasha Baebler through written report


Grants, Shelia Wright


Division Reports: Dog Guide, Diabetes Action Network, Merchants, Student,


2014 state convention, Gene Coulter


2015 state convention


Parent Video, Carol Coulter


Leadership Training Committee, Julie McGinnity


Retention of important affiliate information, Dan Flasar


Blind Missourian Report, Carol Coulter


Report from the BTF, Dacia Luck


Report from the SRC, Shelia Wright


Report from the WAC, Dan Flasar


Report from the MATP, Rita Lynch


Children's Vision summit, Dacia Luck


Update on Webpage, Gary Horchem


Gene Fleeman and his dining facility


Employment Research Committee, Jim Moynihan


Blind Missourian list update


The Technology Committee, Dacia Luck


Helping Sherry Sory


Helping Kendra Damron


The increasing number of Blind Pension problems


Possible Focus on Success, Debbie Wunder


Conference service


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