[Nfbmo] HB1835 on BP Periodic Eye Exams

Shelia Wright sbwright95 at att.net
Wed Apr 16 15:46:48 UTC 2014

As many of you know, HB 1835 concerning Eye Examinations for BP Recipients
every five years was heard in the Seniors, Families, and Pensions Committee
in the Senate last Tuesday. I'd like to thank Gail Lundberg of our Jefferson
City Chapter for testifying on our behalf at that hearing. The committee has
voted "Do Pass" and the bill is being scheduled for 3rd reading in the


Hb2089 on Braille remains in Speaker Jones  office and still has not been
assigned to committee despite our efforts. 


HB1278 has seen no action since Jan. 16th. It remains in the Elections
Committee chaired by Rep Sue Entlicher and cannot move unless scheduled for
a public hearing.


For the past month we have been following SB623 concerning making the paper
ballot the official ballot in Missouri. This bill was passed by the Senate
and sent to the House. Of course our interest in assuring accessible voting
is included in this bill throughout the entire legislative process. It still
would not expand HAVA and make accessible voting available in all elections.
It does not seem to be moving in the house with the same momentum it had in
the Senate. It was reassigned to the Committee on Downsizing Government.


There's approximately 1 month left in this legislative session. We have seen
some positive things happen this year. It looks likely that HB1835 will be
passed. Let's do a final push on our issues during this next month and keep
strengthening our legislative advocacy efforts.


Shelia Wright


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