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Sun Apr 20 22:36:26 UTC 2014

I haven't heard this one either, but there is a  common scam wherein a 
person calls and asks for you or a family member by  name.  If they can do this, 
it's just an extension to using info taken from  a user list on JAWS, if 
not the companies  client  list.
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we have all answered the phone and a man with a foreign  accent tries to 
convince you that your windows computer has a virus and to  let him control 
your computer to remove the threat.
This is the first i  have heard of the scam targeting people using jaws 
Bryan  Schulz

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> This notice is  particularly important for those practicing law who use 
>  I picked this up from a JAWS list that I belong to.
> Ross A. Doerr  Esq.
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> I  just received a phone call from one of the individuals we serve 
>  reporting
> on a call that concerned him. The unsolicited call was from  a man who 
> that the individual's copy of JAWS has caused a virus  in his computer. 
> man would repair the computer if the individual  could simply turn it on, 
> go
> to a specified site (my caller  could not remember where) and type in a 
> numbers. He immediately  knew something was not right and did not turn on 
> his
> computer  nor comply in any way with the person. The person gave him a 
> back  number, which was 347-871-5995.
> I checked  that number and it is all over the Internet as a scam. The part
> that  concerns me most is that the individual who called me was 
>  as
> a JAWS user by the scammer. I don't know if a Freedom Scientific  database
> was hacked or what, but I feel it is important  for
> you all to have a heads up on this in case individuals  call. Most
> may know not to do anything, but some may be naive  and think there truly 
> is
> a problem. Let's hope no one gets  caught.
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