[Nfbmo] Update On Legislative Bills in Missouri

Shelia Wright sbwright95 at att.net
Thu Apr 24 19:30:28 UTC 2014


Today, HB 1835 concerning Blind Pension Periodic Eye Exams Passed the
Senate. This should go to the Governor now.


Hb1278 on Accessible Voting has seen no action since January 16.

Likewise Hb2089 on Braille and the NRMA has not seen any action since March
6 and has never been assigned to Committee.


These are where we stand with only 3 weeks left in the session.


On another note, SB623 passed the House today. This is the bill that makes
the paper ballot the official ballot of Missouri which we have followed. I
do not know at this time if there are any amendments to the bill that would
require it to go to conference or if it will go straight to the Governor.


Shelia wright


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