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Horchem Gary horchemg at gary-springfield-mo.net
Fri Aug 15 03:20:53 UTC 2014

Sorry folks the DAN division, at large chapter and the student division need to send webmaster info ASAP.

>>> Gary Horchem 08/14/14 10:18 PM >>>

The following division need to have there Webmaster e-mail me at horchemg at gary-springfield-mo.net with the e-mail address they wish to use fro drupal the next training session for those who weren't on the conference call last Sunday will be this Sunday night please read the information below:

>>> Gary Horchem 08/01/14 1:43 AM >>>
Greetings We are ready to start training for chapter/division webmasters on the Drupal 7 web content management system. Those who will be the webmaster for your chapter or division please send an e-mail FROM A VALID ACCOUNT YOU WISH TO USE with Drupal OFF LIST to horchemg at gary-springfield-mo.net training will happen in two groups the first session will be Sunday August 10th the other will be Sunday August 17th both starting at 7:00 p.m. President Wunder must attend one of these sessions. Conference call number info will be sent laster this week. The rest of the information is below from an earlier post to the list

>>> Gary Horchem 12/08/13 2:17 PM >>>
Question: how about explaining what drupal is? 

Answer: Drupal is a Web Content Management System 

Question: what it can do? it allows one to update their website with little or no knowalge of web scripting lanuges

Question: why we have waited 3+ years for it?

Answer: The person we hired to build the website and to convert the site to Wordpress didn't follow through 

Question: how do updates occur if ftp transfer is not allowed?

Answer: in Drupal you use their interface to post content and upload files each file may be no more than 8 MB in size if your file is larger than this you may email to the webmaster for review and uploading and for security reasons the president has said no one other the webmaster or him will have access via FTP 

Question: why are we forced to go backwards and not use php to process form data and 
create interactive content?

Answer: Drupal has modules for this purpose also after the first website was done in PHP user complained about how slow it was due to all the php scripts running

In a nutshell folks security will be much tighter than before if you need a module install you tell me what it is I will go see if it's compatible with this verison of Drupal and install it and give you access to it
I control the look and feel of the website this includes the CSS. 

>>> Gary Horchem 12/07/13 12:15 AM >>>
Greetings folks we are just about ready to let people who want to update their chapter/division websites do this. Please observe the following guidelines:

1. only ONE person per chapter/division will have access to that chapter/division's website it is helpful to have basic html skills but not required 
2. there will be no sharing of usernames for example if the person from Columbia is also in charge of the student division website they must log out of the Columbia website and then log in the student division to update the student division website.
3. for security reasons the use of PHP scripts and visual basic scripts is prohibited.
4. the max file size you may upload through Drupal is 8 megabytes. If you need to upload files larger this you may e-mail them to the webmaster for uploading
5. under NO circumstances will you get FTP access
6. logging has been enabled on the website we know when you have logged in, logged out and what part of the website you have updated.
7. the webmaster has complete control of NFBMO.org and can remove any content deemed inappropriate on the website

more will be decrees at the January board meeting have a good evening

Gary Horchem
NFBMO Webmaster

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