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Well, when I use that subject line, I'm referring to Bonnie Blose who
co-hosts the bookshow with Jordan. By, quote one of our own unquote, I mean
a fellow blind person, a member of our overall community. By supporting, I
mean listening and calling in on that night with a book recommendation. I
guess I'm a real cheerleader for my fellow blind, no matter whether they're
in an organization or not.

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Which one of ourI can't tell from the from field. own are we supporting?

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> On Dec 7, 2014, at 8:10 AM, Nancy Lynn via Nfbmo <nfbmo at nfbnet.org> wrote:
> It’s that time of year again folks. Jordan Rich and our very own Bonnie 
> Blose will get together to do their bookshow. It happens again on saturday 
> night into sunday morning, January 3 into 4, 2015 from midnight to 3:30am 
> US eastern time. You can listen in one of 3 ways: either on the radio at 
> 1030 on the AM dial or online. To listen online, go to www.billsparks.org 
> and enter wbz in the keyword search box. You’ll get a page with many 
> stations with wbz in their call letters. Use your screen reader’s find 
> command and locate 1030. That will put you in the area of the right 
> station. Then just arrow around till you hear either their flash player or 
> a link that says listen live with your pda or smart phone. That’s really 
> the dialup link, but it works well and uses winamp as the player.
> You can also use this direct link.
> http://vtuner.com/setupapp/guide/asp/func/dynampls.asp?link=1&id=17081
> To call in with a book recommendation, dial either 617-254-1030 or 
> 888-929-1030. You can recommend any book no matter how new or old it is.
> Come on. Join the fun. We’d love to hear from you.
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