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Could you please forward this to all the chapters?


NFBMO the parents division could use your help.  We will be hosting our 3rd
annual state convention in conjunction with the NFBMO state convention.  It
will be held on March 28, 2014.  This is a Friday.  First we are looking for
volunteers that would be able to work with our students aged 8-18 with some
activities while the parents are learning some of what they need to know.
We should have someone working with them in the morning, but this person
will be talking with the parents for awhile in the afternoon.  We need
people with fresh new ideas to talk with kids in a fun manner that
incorporates philosophy as well as confidence.  Braille and accessible games
will be provided.

Second, we are hoping to do a hands on session with our parents and are
looking at working with the abacus.  We are hoping to let the kids use them
in the morning and then the parents in the afternoon and then letting them
keep them.  If any Chapter or individual has an extra abacus or two, please
let me know.  Or if a Chapter would like to sponser one or two we would also
appreciate that.  We are looking at 10-20 abacus's.  If we are lucky we will
run out, but more likely we will have extra and would save them for
something in the future.  If there is anyway anyone can help, please contact
me at colemangirly at yahoo.com 

Thank you in advance;

your humble Parent Division President

Rosina Foster



Rosina Foster
MOPOBC Missouri Parents of Blind Children

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