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Boy we sure have trouble getting board meetings scheduled lately.
Let’s see if I have things correct and maybe we need to have a conference call or something to resolve the problem. The decision, obviously, needs to be made very quickly so a location in Columbia can be scouted out.
Jan.3 it is still the holidays so people have things going on. The fiscal year runs through December 31 so for Carol to have the Treasurer’s report done a week before  the meeting there would have to be a total freeze on financial activity  beginning on Christmas.
January 10 Springfield chapter has a guest speaker and someone else had something as well that escapes me now.
January 17 Columbia and Kansas City would need to move their meetings. I guess Columbia could have there meeting before or after the board meeting making for a long day. Seems like I’m forgetting something here as well.
January 24 Some folks will be leaving for the Washington seminar. And I think Julie is not available as well
January 31 Some folks will have recently returned from Washington
I don’t think we should go any later than that as we get very close to convention and the various committees will be rushing to get their work done.
My first choice is Jan 31 and second choice is  Jan 17 or 10.
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Subject: Re: Action points and January Board Meeting

January 3, 10th, our 17th are best for me. Several have pointed out that the Washington Seminar rules out the 24  but folks who go to Washington will be traveling home late on the29 or the 30'.

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On Oct 27, 2014, at 10:56 AM, Julie McGinnity <kaybaycar at gmail.com> wrote:

  I cannot do the 17th at all.  The 3rd, 10th, or 31st will work for me.
  The 24th is officially out.  Thank you to those of you who replied.
  Still waiting to hear from a few more.

  On 10/25/14, Melissa Smith <mdsmith25 at ktis.net> wrote:

    The 24th and 31st are best for me. Sounds like the 24th is out, so I

    would go for the 31st.

    Melissa Smith

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    On 10/24/2014 10:21 AM, Julie McGinnity wrote:

      Hi all,

      I am posting your monthly action point reminder below.  Due to school

      and midterms, the minutes are not ready yet, so expect another email

      within the next couple weeks.

      Let's also make a decision about the January board meeting.  I'm not

      sure if it's my place to do this, but let's all respond to this email

      with our preferred dates.  There are 5 Saturdays in January, and the

      only one that I believe is not at all an option is January 24 because

      there will be at least three board members gone to Washington seminar

      that weekend.  Please correct me if I am wrong.  So our options stand:

      the 3rd(our original choice), the 10th, the 17th, and the 31st.

      Please reply with your pick, and we will have a "revote" of sorts

      about the date.  Thanks all!

      Action Points as of September 13, 2014

      1. Chris Tisdal will send an email  to the NFB MO Listserv stating

      when and where all of the chapters meet.

      2. President Wunder will work on getting the on-line registration set

      up for next year's convention.

      3. Julie McGinnity will create a list of all active affiliate committees.

      4. Erin Magoon will send out an email directing people who wish to do

      so, how to pay for the NFB Live.

      5. Carol Coulter will send out an email to the chapter presidents with

      the chapter reporting forms.


      Those wishing to attend Washington Seminar should email President

      Wunder by December 1st.

      Chapters should have their choices for the various convention

      committees into President Wunder by December 1st.

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