[Nfbmo] Very important Blind Pension Information!

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Hello Gene:

Does that mean that we will when applying for Medicare part D that we will 
have to pick a provider under that program.



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Gary Wunder and I met with several officials of the Missouri Department of 
Social services today regarding a change in the blind Pension Prescription 
Drug program that affects 92.5% of those getting the pension. This does not 
affect those receiving Supplemental Aid to the Blind or other programs.
Within the next two weeks those effected will get a letter from the 
Department of Social Services regarding this change. It is vital you read it 
as it will lay out what is happening and tell you of a very time sensitive 
process each recipient will need to go through.
DSS is requiring that those Blind Pension recipients that are eligible for 
Medicare enroll in Part D of Medicare, that is the prescription drug 
coverage. This change will not cost the recipients anything or reduce 
benefits to recipients. The only change after the enrollment process is 
complete is that recipients will need to present both their Mo HealthNet 
(Medicaid) card and their Medicare drug plan card when prescriptions are 
filled.  MO HealthNet will pay anything that Medicare does not pay.
DO NOT contact anyone with the department about this change as the policy is 
not final and anyone you can talk with will likely not know about it! This 
note is being sent out to alert us so everyone will be on their toes when we 
get these notices as some will require immediate action by us. Failure to do 
so may result in a lapse in pharmacy coverage.
Eugene Coulter, Social Services Liaison
National Federation of the Blind of Missouri
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