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Agenda for September 13, 2014


Call to order


Roll call


Introduction of all present


Reading of the minutes, Julie McGinnity


Reading of the action points, Julie McGinnity


Reading of the treasurer's report, Carol Coulter's designee


Governmental Affairs report, Shelia Wright


Ways and Means report, Carol Morgan's designee


Vehicle donation report, Ruby Polk


Membership report, Debbie Wunder


BELL Program, Debbie Wunder and her team


Division Reports: Dog Guide, Diabetes Action Network, Merchants, Student,


2015 convention, Gene Coulter


Seventy-five Days of Action, Debbie Wunder


Website report, Gary Horchem


Retention of important affiliate information, Dan Flasar


Blind Missourian report, Carol Coulter's designee


Report from the Blind Task-force, Dacia Luck


Report from the State Rehabilitation Council, Shelia Wright


Report from the Wolfner Advisory Committee, Dan Flasar


Friends of Wolfner, Bob Williams


Employment Research Committee, Jim Moynihan or his designee


Tech Seminar report, Dacia Luck


Washington Seminar participation


Missouri Chat Line, Erin McGoon


Ideas for a Bid for Equality Items


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