[Nfbmo] The loss of a friend

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Mon Sep 15 19:00:41 UTC 2014

Hello, friends. Below is a note from Gail Bryant. Her mother-in-law,
Gertrude Bryant, left this earth on September 12. Gertrude was wonderful to
us and always very supportive of what Ed wanted her to do. She used to work
at the mid-Missouri Mental Health Center, which was connected to the
University hospital. This meant that we met from time to time, not to
mention meeting at the Boone County fair and other events where volunteers
were needed. Here is Gail's message.



We lost Gertrude September 12. Visitation and funeral are Tuesday at Neilson
Funeral home beginning at noon with service to follow at two.


The obituary was in yesterday's  Tribune.  The family is requesting
donations be made  to NFB in care of your address.


Gail Bryant

Columbia Braille Teaching Services L.L.C.

1212 London Drive

Columbia, MO 65203-2012

Phone: (573)817-5993

Cell: (573)268-4962

gbryant at socket.net


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