[Nfbmo] An update about Robin.

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Great News. Please let 
Robin know that Kansas City is still Praying for Her. Blessings, Ruby

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Hi, everyone,

Robin was moved from Cox South to select a rehab hospital on Thursday
afternoon last week. Her mother and brother drove in from Kentucky to see
her this past weekend, and spent Thursday evening, Friday, Saturday, and
Sunday morning visiting with her.

Robin sits in a chair every morning for about two hours. They unhooked her
respirator so she was breathing on her own through her trake yesterday from
11 AM to 9 PM. They put her back on the respirator so she could rest
comfortably last night. This morning around 5 they unhooked her respirator
and she has been unhooked all day, including a two hour nap.

They got her up this morning to stand, and with their support she was able
to stand for about a minute. She is able to hold her nurse/TV remote, wave
it around, and push the buttons.

She is trying to talk and communicate, but we are not having very much
success in understanding what it is that she wants.

She is able to hold and squeeze your hand and she likes it when you apply
lotion to her hands, arms, feet, and legs. They have a list of four goals
that they are working on with her.

Per four goals are; get off the respirator, learn how to swallow so she can
eat and drink, build up her endurance, stamina, and strength, and finally
get off the trake.

All of your thoughts and prayers have been passed on to Robin and she,
Larry, and myself all appreciate them.

Your continued thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

I will continue to update you as I have news.

Erin Joy

Erin Joy Magoon
Seeing Eye Graduate 2004, Guide Dogs of America Graduate 2013 President of
the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri Springfield Chapter
Corresponding Secretary for the National Federation of the Blind of Missouri
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