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The NFB of Missouri gets 20% of sales between now and May 15 and 5% for the 
320 days after that for all orders placed using the fund raising code when 
placed by the special Schwan Cares phone line or by placing the order 
online, in either case using our campaign code. We do not get credit for 
orders placed at the door.
If I were doing this for the first time here is what I would do:
Go to Schwans.com
On the home page ignore everything except the "Shop by Category" (Heading
#2)which places the 350 items  into categories such as vegetables, meats,
and ice cream.
Select your category and you will either get a list of items or
sub-categories. Click on the sub-category if that is  what comes that looks
When you get a list of items click on the item the peaks your interest and
the full description will appear. From here you can also get cooking
directions and nutrition information which is part of the reason I like
Schwans  as I do not have to have someone sighted to read the box. (Schwans
products are also included in the newer databases of the Envision  America
The back command works well to go back pages.
Once you have found an item write it's name or item number down and move to
your next item.
Once you have picked your items call 1-855-870-7208, option #2
Give the very helpful person the Campaign Id: 18709 and fundraiser ID: 46362
and simply tell her what you want. Of course she will have suggestions of
her own.
It can be as simple as telling her you want a pot roast, baby baker
potatoes, and carrots - one of my favorite and expensive meals or  you want
ice cream sandwiches and chocolate sundae ice cream cups.
Alternatively you can click around the site and place items in your basket
but a bit of frustration will be yours the first few times if you use a
screen reader.
Do not worry about delivery date as the operator will tell you the available
times in your area.

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How does the Schwans fundraiser work?

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