[Nfbmo] Updating to IOS8.3 Warning

Gail Bryant gbryant at socket.net
Thu Apr 30 22:13:59 UTC 2015

I received this in an email from another list.  I know it's off topic, but I
thought folks might be interested.  If you are not, just delete and move on.


Warning:  If you are using Pages with VoiceOver, do NOT update to iOS 8.3!!!

In Pages (iOS 8.3) you can read the document with VoiceOver.  However, as
soon as you activate Pages to make it an editable textfield (meaning you
want to write or edit a document), Pages is broken.  You cannot move word by
word through the document using gestures, Bluetooth keyboard commands or
Refreshable braille display commands.  Navigating through a Pages document
in iOS 8.3 is broken; Pages works in iOS 8.2.  

Critical bug: you cannot move character by character, word by word or line
by line in Pages with VO, making it impossible to go back and edit.  When
setting the rotor to move by word by word,  VoiceOver  jumps from the first
word on the left margin instead of moving to the next word -  you cannot
move to the next word (to the right) in the sentence.  

Additional refreshable braille display bugs: The routing buttons on the RBD
will not move the cursor to the desired location (typically moves  the
cursor to the end of the line).  Writing with the RBD - with some words -
will cause the first letter of the word to be placed at the end of the word.

To report bugs to Apple is to email  <mailto:accessibility at apple.com>
accessibility at apple.com. Please keep it brief and to the point. Please
include specific details so developers can reproduce the bug, e.g. the type
of braille display you are using, the version of iOS you are running, the
version of Pages you are running, etc.  Apple is aware of the Pages bugs;
however, in order for Pages accessibility to become a priority, more people
have to notify Apple about these issues.



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