[Nfbmo] Blind Missourian deadline

carol j coulter cjcoulter at centurytel.net
Tue Feb 10 17:53:16 UTC 2015

I have had people ask when the next issue will be coming out andmy reply is when I have enough articles. As the editor the buck so to speak stops with me so here is a plea for articles and the deadline is February 20th. If I have enough for an issue I will do my very best to have it out by convention. Keep in mind it has to be edited, proofed by a couple of other people, printed and mailed, so please do not wait until the very last minute. I could use a volunteer to write an article on the Washington DC seminar and the Jefferson City seminar. There has also been several other events that have taken place that people should know about. The dog guide seminar, the BELL program, and any other seminars or trainings that have taken place. If any thing is coming up in April or later this could be put in.  If people read our newsletter and see that we are an organization on the go it would inspire them to be a part. It would show there is something for everyone. Please help me make our news letter the great communication and advertising tool it can be. 
Carol Coulter, Editor    

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