[Nfbmo] Joining NFB Live.

Erin Joy Magoon erinjoy.magoon at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 21:10:34 UTC 2015


As most of you know the NFB of New York has started an online chat
community.  In this community you can listen to special guests, play
games, get to know people and a variety of other activities.  They are
very open to hearing what people are interesting in, and trying to
fulfill their interests.

Our state has raised the money to have our own room on this online
community.  Gary Wunder and I are in the process of testing out
different ideas of how we can use this room.  In order for people to
use the room they have to be a member of NFB Live.

This email is to explain how you become a member.

First you need to go to nfblive.com.  The website is


Then you need to click on Join our community.  Once ton that page
there is information to read and a form to fill out.

In summary the information states that you have to use your own name
you can not make up a nickname on this site, there are children on the
website so please use appropriate language, you do not need to be a
member of the NFB to join the website, please be curteous to people
while in the chat room, and the first time you log in you need to
download a chat client program so you can talk on the website.

You talk in the rooms by either using a stand alone microphone, a
built in microphone or a headset.  You press the control keydown to
talk and when someone is talking you can not cut them off.

Once you are on the appropriate page you need to fill out the form.
The fields with a star are required.

The required fields are your full name, email address, your user name,
and tell us something about yourself.

The optional fields are your phone number, upload a photo, your
interests, and a webpage.

After you fill out the fields you submit the form and your user name
and password will be emailed to you.  Then you go sign in at
nfblive.com and you can get into the rooms.

IN addition to the rooms you can also hear the archived presentations,
see the schedule of events and sign up for the email lists.

If you have any questions or need help please feel free to email me at:

erin.magoon at gmail.com

Or call or text me at:



Erin Joy Magoon

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