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Hello All and Thank You from the bottom of my heart and on behalf of a CLASS ACT: The Lady Mitzi Friedlander!

For privacy I have BCC'd the many who answered my call at the end of 2014. I spent an amazing first weekend of 2015 listening to the FLOOD of audio files and emails that rushed in beginning January 1st! I know how wonderful and impressive Mitzi ia but hearing again and again and in so many unique ways how her narration opened minds, imaginations and hearts. I laughed. I cried. I listened     AGAIN AND AGAIN. And so will Mitzi!

APH had a lovely reception and tribute to Mitzi on February 5th. Mitzi was surrounded by APH dignitaries and close friends. She received a video message from Congressman John Yarmuth, was celebrated by our Mayor Greg Fischer and The Kentucky House adjourned that day in honor of MItzi. She received a plaque from Governor Steve Beshear. Her studio was forever named "Mitzi's Studio".Three clips were played - as a tease - of the messages you sent in,( Debbie Kendrick, Don Horn and Bonnie Blose.) Mitzi read a Shakespeare Sonnet at the end tenderly and brilliantly. She wore a corsage that at first glance was a white rose surrounded by yellow sweetheart roses, but upon closer inspection was a page of a book fashioned into a perfect rose!

Our February 12th dinner was in an upstairs room at a favorite local bistro, The Bristol. We hoped our secret would be kept but we are a studio full of Chatty Katny's. My theory was that Mitzi knew but would give us the gift of faking it. 

John Polk asked Mitzi out, accompanied by her husband. He has known her since he was 5 years old. Mitzi spoke at both John's parents funerals.
So Mitzi agreed. We assumed she would be suspicious because they brought them up through a freight elevator. John Polk swears Bill, (Mitzi's husband),knew but Mitzi didn't. Mitzi started to wait for Bill to exit the lift and he ushered her forward. And there about twenty of us were including names and voices you know: Jack and Jill Fox, Madelyn Buzzard, Carol Dines, Michael Mccullough, Andy Pyle, Jennifer Hubbard and the behind the scenes God-sends, our audiobook editors and proofreaders. Some of whom have been in the studio for up to thirty years.

We had a table with flowers and gifts that we got to after ordering dinner and visiting. At our table Mitzi sang Rosie O'Grady! After eating and laughing and visiting with Mitzi AND each other, (We go to individual studios on a time clock and rarely get time to do this!), we presented our gifts.Michael Mccullogh spearheaded a printed list of ALL Mitzi's titles. We recruited about a dozen of us to be a typing pool over one weekend, each of us typing about 100-200 titles! The result was displayed beautifully in an over-sized storage book, on antique-inspired paper and bound with ribbon. I presented Mitzi with letters and poems and the audio cd of patron greetings. We had 70 audio files, about 40 notes letters emails and mayby twenty recorded phone calls! I told her about my wonderful new year hearing from all of you! And being so touched by everything. And then, yes, Brad Corallo, I had your limerick made into a pillow! I gave her the pillow embroidered side down and said the pillow was to encourage her to rest and then revealed the limerick in a burgundy thread on steel gray ultra-suede. She read it aloud and in clear voice that filled the room. 

I'm sure I will hear from her after she's heard your voices a few times. It was a special time for her and for all of us in the studio.Your participation made it more so.

Special Thanks to Linda L., John M. in North Carolina, Nancy L, Brad Corallo and Donna G and Behind Our Eyes.

Also thanks for repeatedly pointing out that Mitzi may be retiring but her books can be downloaded in the middle of the nigh for a long time to come! So her lovely voice , " a  voice that was infused with a hint of champagne bubbles." (Thank you David in Lafayette!) - will be heard and heard and heard. 

Feel free to forward this to lists.I included many people in this email but I'm sure I have missed some!

Many, many thanks! Please keep your ears to the ground about an archive of the February 5th event! A recording was made and I expect it will surface somewhere. I will let you know when I do!


Our first snowSTORM of the winter! Lucky Louisville!



Mitzi is one of the Best
A Benchmark for most of the Rest
Her Memory Survives
She Dwells in Our Lives
For her readings have poignance and Zest
B. Corallo

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