[Nfbmo] Very good news about Robin!

Erin Joy Magoon erinjoy.magoon at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 19:19:02 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

I thought I would give a good update about Robin Sweitzer.

She had her feeding tube removed yesterday, and she is eating real
food again!  Hurray!

She was moved from the hospital to a skilled nursing facility last evening.

She ate eggs, sausage and hash browns for breakfast, for lunch she is
having cream of potato soup, chicken salad, minus the bread, mashed
potatoes, apple sauce and vanilla pudding.  Yum yum!

She is having physical and occupational therapy in the morning, and
occupational and speech therapy in the afternoon.

This morning she was able to take a sit down shower, and she did most
of the shower herself!  Yea Robin!

This afternoon they are going to work on her getting dressed and then
her memory and speech.

They are going to do more physical activities in the morning when she is fresh.

They are also making sure she gets plenty of rest.  They want her to
try and watch television or read each day.  She's very tired, and they
said sleep and food are the best two things for her.  However,
exercising her body and mind are also very important.

Her phone number into her room is 417-269-9318.

Although you can understand her very well, sometimes you can not quite
tell what she is talking about.

The doctor has said instead of just pretending to understand her, get
her to take a breath and use her words.  Sometimes it annoys her, but
the doctor said the more people pretend to understand what she is
saying the longer it will take robin to recover.

At this time he thinks she will make a full recovery.  He said it is
very good for her to have phone calls, and talk to lots of different
people.  However, if you can keep your calls to a couple of minutes
that is best.

Thanks for all the prayers, she knows who she is, where she is and who
everyone is.  Keep the prayers coming.


Erin Joy

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