[Nfbmo] Rittgers application deadline this Wednesday February 25th, 5:00 pm

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Tue Feb 24 09:22:59 UTC 2015

Hello fellow Federationists!  
All Rittgers applications have to be in by 5:00 pm  Wednesay, FEbruary 25th 
(2 days fron now).   I will be sending out  notices of receipt of 
applications later today, Tuesday 2/24/15.   If  you have not yet applied, please do 
so before the deadline.
    Below is the original notice of Rittgers award  solicitation.
Dan Flasar,
Chair, 2015 Rittgers Committee
     It's that time again!  Time to spread  the word that our affiliate 
offers financial assistance to prospective - or  current - NFB-MO members to 
attend their first Missouri state  convention. Members who have attended 
before may apply - however,  priority is given to first-time attendees, 
availability of funds  and need.
 Please note that the guidelines for Rittgers award recipients were  passed 
in 2012.  The relevant sections regarding eligibility are quoted  below:
Excerpt begins:
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the  following standards be adopted to replace 
the standards adopted in 1989 for  allocating funds from the fund:  
1. The state board will allocate the  maximum amount to be used from the 
fund by January 31 of each  year. 
2. An individual application must be  made 30 days before the beginning of 
convention by the person requesting the  funds, or by their chapter 
president, which explains the reason for the  request. 
3. It is not intended that these  funds pay the entire cost of convention 
attendance and the committee is only to  allocate funds based on need and 
will not use the entire allocated amount unless  recipients needs justify it. 
4. The State President may authorize  funding after the deadline in 
extraordinary circumstances if funds remain in the  allocation. 
5. Whenever practical, funds will be  directly paid either to cover hotel 
costs or convention registration and  meals. 
6. New or perspective members will  be given highest priority in their 
7. Persons who have previously  attended a Missouri convention will then be 
given  consideration. 
8. No person shall receive funds a  second or subsequent time unless they 
experience an unexpected financial crisis  that would otherwise prevent their 
Excerpt completed.
    The 2015 NFB of Missouri 53rd Annual Convention  will be held from 
March 27th through March 29th will be held at:
The Sheraton Clayton Plaza Hotel  
7730 Bonhomme Avenue 
Clayton, MO  63105
website:   http://nfbmo.org/drupal/State_Convention_Information
To apply to receive fundingt to attend the convention, please fill out the  
following application form and submit via email either to Dan Flasar, 2015  
Rittgers chair (_danflasar at aol.con_ (mailto:danflasar at aol.con) ) or to any 
of the other  committee members listed at the end of this email.
2015 NFB of Missouri State Convention Rittgers Award Application  Form
please complete this application.  Incomplete applications will  be 
Application Deadline:  5:00 pm, February 25th, 2015
Please note:  Any applications not received by 5pm, 2/25/15 will be  
Last Name
First Name
Address line 1:
Address line 2: 
Member of NFB of Missouri (Y/N)?   
NFB-MO Chapter name:
Have you ever attended an NFB of Missouri State Convention (Y/N)?
   If Yes, When?
Have you ever received Rittgers funding to attend an NFB-MO State  
Convention (Y/N)?
     If Yes, When?
Are you planning to join the NFB (if not currently a member (Y/N/Not  Sure)?
Why do you wish to attend an NFB-MO state convention?
Email applications are preferred, but if necessary, a phone application can 
 be made.  Please contact 2014 Rittgers Committee Chairman Dan Flasar  at:
     Please leave voicemail leaving your name, that you  wish to apply for 
Rittgers funding for the 2014 state convention, your phone  number and the 
best day and time to call back.  Calls received without a  voicemail will not 
be considered or returned. 
All Applications must be received by 5 pm, February  25th.  Applications 
received after that time will not be considered  for any reason.   All email 
applications will be acknowledged upon  receipt.  If you do not receive an 
acknowledgement of your email  application within 48 hours after 
submission,contact the chairman at  (314)646-7128 and leave a message. Plan ahead - 
last-minute applications  could be delayed by your email server and may result in 
an email received after  the deadline and hence cannot be considered.  Best 
to make a phone  application if applying the day of the deadline.
    The Committee will evaluate all eligible applications  within 24 hours 
of the deadline, and awards will be announced by email (or phone  if 
necessary) with 48 hours of the deadline (2/27/14).
      Spread the word!   Good luck to  all prospective applicants!
Dan Flasar,  Chair, 2014 Rittgers Committee

2015 Rittgers Committee members:
Dan Flasar, Lewis & Clark Chapter    _danflasar at aol.com_ 
(mailto:danflasar at aol.com)       Chair
Gene Coulter, Columbia chapter    _escoulter at centurytel.net_ 
(mailto:escoulter at centurytel.net) 
Ruby  Polk, Kansas City Chapter  _rubypolk0 at sbcglobal.net_ 
(mailto:rubypolk0 at sbcglobal.net) 
Rita Lynch,  Jefferson City Chapter    _ralynch1950 at embarqmail.com_ 
(mailto:ralynch1950 at embarqmail.com) 
Penny  Perr,   St. Louis Chapter     _mperr01 at swbell.net_ 
(mailto:mperr01 at swbell.net) 
Laura  Rios   Springfield Chapter    _LauraRios at MissouriState.edu_ 
(mailto:LauraRios at MissouriState.edu) 

Email applications may also be made to other members of the 2014 Rittgers  
Committee, listed above

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