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All this is great news! Thanks for all your hard work.

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Gary Wunder and I met with the Family Support Division today including 
state office staff and all of the Eligibility Specialists in Lincoln and 
Warren County in Warrenton.
The news is very encouraging.  About 3/4 of all Blind Pension cases have 
been transferred to Warrenton. The major notable exception is the Kansas 
City area due to technical issues. However, Warren county is not yet up and 
fully running so all contacts until further notice should go through your 
local county office or the toll free phone number.
If you call the phone center  now with a specific question about your case 
they are now supposed to try and connect you with a first responder to 
immediately handle your problem If they cannot reach a first responder than 
they will take your contact information.
Shortly annual reviews will be sent out 60 days before they are due in hopes 
in solving reader issues. It will hopefully be possible in the near future 
to fill out your review form online and print it yourself and mail it in. 
Eventually the hope is that you can complete and submit it online and even 
scan in your documentation like  bank statements.
By late Spring there should be a Robo Call system in place to notify you 
when an Annual Review form or Adverse Action Notice is being mailed.
The only thing that we may not be successful in for the short term is having 
the review form have a clear title specifying it is for the blind programs.
This was a follow-up to our meeting on November 15,2013  and demonstrates 
both the effectiveness of our advocacy and the ability of FSD to take action 
when they hear a concern.
Eugene Coulter
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