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Hey Shelia,


Please see if you can get this to the list serve!!!  Thank YOU for all you






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Hey Everyone,


Lewis and Clark is busy getting things ready for our State Convention!!!


Here is some info for you during Convention;


There is a snack room next to the check in desk in the lobby.  It has sodas,
chips, candy and some other items such as batteries, over the counter pain


The sodas in the snack shop and the soda machines cost $2.00 for a 20 oz.
and are Pepsi products.


There are also juices for $3.00 and Red Bull is $5.00, these are only in the
snack shop.


We may not get to braille the soda machines, due to the hotel, so what I
have found is the first button will be Pepsi, the third button Diet Pepsi
and the fifth button is Mt. Dew after that it is only water.


The elavtor has braille, however, button 3 only has the number sign marking.
This button gets you to the main lobby and we will try to label it unless
the hotel says no.


Dog Guides will find the dog releaf area out the front lobby.


If anyone is coming in on Amtrak or Greyhound into the downtown station, if
you let me know ahead of time I will try to get someone to meet you and show
you how to get to the hotel on public transportation.




Chris Tisdal

Lewis and Clark Chapter

Ph. 314-440-1684



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