[Nfbmo] A Robin update.;

Erin Joy Magoon erinjoy.magoon at gmail.com
Tue Mar 17 00:05:32 UTC 2015

Hello everyone,

Robin has now been back in ICU for just over two weeks.

She had to have a shunt put into her brain to help drain the spinal
fluid that had been collecting in her brain.  It seemed to help for a
couple of days.

However, on Thursday of last week she became unresponsive, and slipped
into a semiconscious state.  She was only responding to painful
stimuli, and sometimes saying her name very loudly.  She also had a
blood infection, and has been on a respirator for just over ten days.

When they tried to see if she could breathe on her own over the
weekend she only managed to do so for a few minutes.

This morning though she breather for an hour with the respirator
turned off, and she has been breathing with it on low, instead of
medium all day.  They also said that her blood infection is gone, and
now when you speak to her she turns her head toward your voice and is
trying to open her eyes.

They are going to give the respirator another couple of days to see if
she can come off of it instead of putting her on a trake.

Also, they are going to need to go back in and reposition the shunt
and change her stomach feeding tube.  They are trying to get this
arranged.  In the meantime they have wrapped her head in a very tight
pressure bandage to help with the swelling.

I will be going to see her in the morning, I intend to take music for
us to listen too, as well as read her the Bible and listen to a book
with her.

I'll keep you guys posted.  Thanks for the prayers and well wishes.
We are passing them on to her.

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