[Nfbmo] Draft Agenda

Dacia Cole dacia.luck at gmail.com
Wed Mar 18 13:06:09 UTC 2015


If you google how to turn off protected view on Microsoft word you
won't have that problem anymore.  I had to do the same thing but can't
remember how it's done.


I'm not sure, but Adnan's last name on Facebook is spelled Gutic, not
gutec, not sure which is right.



On 3/17/15, carol j coulter <cjcoulter at centurytel.net> wrote:
> I see the agenda is 14 pages long. It is in 18 point font is this what you
> want it in. Maybe we could shorten it a little by going with 16 point. Let
> me know what you want to do.
> Carol
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> Subject: Draft Agenda
> Greetings ladies and gentlemen. This is the agenda as I have it now. Before
> I go to print and Braille with it, I urge you to look it over. Perhaps I
> have planted something for you to correct, or, as is more likely, you may
> find a mistake. Thank you for looking it over, and do send any corrections
> to me at
> mailto:gwunder at earthlink.net
> Warmly,
> Gary Wunder, President
> National Federation of the Blind of Missouri

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