[Nfbmo] trail mnix again available for state convention this year, still $4 for 4 ounces

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You've got me hungry already, and I haven't even had breakfast yet.

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still $4 for 4 ounces

Hello fellow Missouri Federationists!
     The Lewis & Clark chapter world-famous trail  mnix will again be
available at state convention this year.  Prices for  many ingredients have
increased, and some items, like the unsweetened  dried pineapple slices and
white peach slices were completely  unavailable.  Walnut prices went through
the roof, so no walnuts this  year.
    However, our trail mix packs are still $4 per 4 ounce  trail mnix pack,
as always.
We have 82 bags of fruit & nut trail mnix, 5 bags of just fruit and  just
nuts, all $4/bag.
Here are the ingredients:

fruits (dried - no added sugar except for cranberries):
    dried banana pieces
    mango slices
    bing cherries
    wild blueberries
      apple slices
      cranberries, dried and sweetened
      Turkish and California apricots

nuts (all either raw or dry-roasted - no extra fats, oils, salt or  sugar)
   pistachio nut meats
   sunflower seed meats
   Pepita nuts
   pecan pieces
   Macadamia nuts
       Trail mix packs are  available at our table or from any Lewis & Clark
chapter member.  Get  your orders in early - supplies limited.
See y'all soon,
Dan  Flasar
Lewis & Clark chapter
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