[Nfbmo] FW: 2015 Independence Market at Convention

Gary Wunder gwunder at earthlink.net
Mon May 4 19:57:06 UTC 2015

I send along the following request from Mrs. Maurer. I know we will be busy
as one of the hosting affiliates, but I think that one affiliate usually
handles the hosting quite well and that certainly some of us can help here.
Please read and let me or Mrs. Maurer know if you can assist.


RE:  Independence Market Volunteers at 2015 National Convention


Dear Gary:


We are beginning to put together the schedules for the aids and appliances
demonstrators/helpers, storekeepers/pay station attendants, and cashiers at
the NFB Independence Market for our 2015 National Convention.  Here is a
list of persons from your state who worked last year--  


Willa Jean Patterson

Ruby Polk


Please go through the list and eliminate those who will not be attending
convention this year or who you believe will be unable to work.   If you
know of others who can work, please add them to the list so that I can give
them an assignment this year.


We are anxious to get the assignments out, so please get back to us as soon
as possible.  It is contemplated that each demonstrator/helper will work a
four-hour (morning or afternoon) and a two-hour (lunch) shift.  This is only
a total of six hours.  


As you may be aware, there are other duties to be fulfilled in the market.
We are working vigorously to make each position one that a blind or sighted
person will be able to help with.  At this time, the storekeeper/pay station
attendant and cashier positions possess elements that would require us to
have a sighted person in these jobs.  The shift times we will assign will be
the same as the demonstrators/helpers, with the exception of cashiers.  The
days the cashiers work, their shifts will be extended to accommodate the
count out procedure at the end of the shift.  We are trying to have more of
a compliment of volunteers in these positions this year, so please look
inside your affiliate and let us know of capable, willing people whom you
would recommend.


Please do what you can to help us to have plenty of workers at the NFB
Independence Market to assist our fellow members.  I look forward to working
with each of you on this important project.



(Mrs.) Patricia A. Maurer

Director of Reference, Jacobus tenBroek Library

Jernigan Institute


200 East Wells Street

     at Jernigan Place

Baltimore, Maryland  21230

Phone:  (410) 659-9314, extension 2272

Fax:  (410) 685-2340

E-mail:  communityrelations at nfb.org



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