[Nfbmo] {Disarmed} Let's support our blind business owners by Signing up for this contest starting today

Nancy Lynn freespirit.stl at att.net
Sat Oct 24 15:06:47 UTC 2015

From: Nancy Lynn 
Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2015 10:04 AM
To: ACB List 
Subject: Let's support our blind business owners by Signing up for this contest starting today

From: The Harbolt Company 
Sent: Saturday, October 24, 2015 9:34 AM
To: freespirit.stl at att.net 
Subject: Sign up for stuff contest starts today
Hi all. We are wanting to spread the word to others about the Harbolt Company and our great prices and the awesome items we offer. We want you to help us get the word out. That's why we are starting a new contest today. This is called the sign up for stuff contest. It works like a game you might play on the midway at the local fair or carnival. There are levels. The higher levels you go, the better stuff you can get for free. For example, if you can get at least 5 people to sign up at the Harbolt Company for an account and newsletter, then you will be able to choose from items on the $20 or under shelf of the web site. So, any items $20 or under you can pick and we will send it to you completely free. It's that easy. Only one item per person and I'm sorry but this contest is only valid for those in the United States and Canada.. Get friends or family to sign up on our site and our newsletter and get free stuff. These must be completely new people that do not already have an account with us. They also need to be verified by sending us an email and telling us who they were referred by or you will need to send us an email with their info so we can give you credit for that person. Any that we find that are multiple email addresses for the same person will be disqualified from the contest. The person you get to sign up must create an account on the Harbolt company site and fill in all info like address and such. They also must subscribed to our newsletter. Multiple sign ups from multiple family members living in the same house will only be counted as one sign up. This will last for a month and will end on Nov. 23. At that point we will tally up everyone's progress and start reaching out to have people choose their free item. Only one item per person. the person with the most amount of sign ups over 5 will win the grand prize of a $300 JBL bluetooth speaker new in box.

The levels are as follows:

5 signups: $20 or under.

10 signups: $35 or under.

15 sign ups: $50 or under.

20 sign ups: $60 or under.

30 or more sign ups: $100 or under

Most sign ups at the end of the contest wins the grand prize which is the new in box JBL bluetooth stereo speaker.. $300 retail value.

Remember, all new sign ups either need to email us to tell us who sent them or you need to email us to tell us who you sent so we can keep track of the referrals. Also remember, all referrals must sign up for an account with the Harbolt Company and subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email or call. Good luck and happy referring!


The Harbolt Company


sales at harboltcompany.com



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