[Nfbmo] Teaching the iPhone to correctly pronounce things

Daniel Garcia dangarcia3 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 26 04:51:47 UTC 2016

Though iPhones are smart phones, they are not perfect. They sometimes do not pronounce things as they should. For example, it used to pronounce Jeff Giffen as Jeff Jiffen until I taught both SIRI and VoiceOver how to pronounce it correctly.

To teach SIRI how to pronounce things correctly, read the link below:

Please be aware:when you are teaching SIRI how to pronounce a full name, you need to tell it the first name, and choose the right pronounciation. Then you teach it the last name, and choose the right pronounciation. Even though it was pronouncing Jeff correctly, I still had to go through this extra step. Otherwise, SIRI would double pronounce the name: "Jeff Giffen Jeff Giffen."
I did a Google search for how to teach VoiceOver how to pronounce things correctly without much success; therefore, I will provide the steps below. I am currently running the latest version of iOS, 10.2. If you are running an older version, the steps might be slightly different.

1. Open Settings
2. Open the General tab 
3. Tap the Accessibility button
4. Tap the VoiceOver button(don't worry, doing this does not turn it off).
5. Tap the Speech button
6. Tap the Pronounciations button
7. Tap the Add button
8. The focus is now on an edit field. Use the keyboard that appears at the bottom of the screen to type in the word or phrase that VoiceOver is not pronouncing correctly, and then press the Return key when you are done. In my example, I typed "Giffen."
9. Then swipe to the right until you hear "Dictate Replacement Button. Double tap to start recording. Recording will stop automatically." Tap on this button and then dictate how you want VoiceOver to pronounce the word or phrase.
10. The system will then come up with various phonetic spellings of the word or phrase you dictated. Tap on each of them, and you will hear how VoiceOver pronounces them. When you hear the one you like, tap on the Done button which you can find by swiping to the left.

Best Regards

Daniel, who is bored and decided to play with his iPhone during Christmas.

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