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Hello Gary, 
That sounds great!!!!

Kim K

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Hello, Dan. In doing research for an article that I believe appears in the July issue of the Braille Monitor, I believe that the court is being asked to approve a settlement in which all Uber drivers will be required to sign a statement saying that they will haul passengers who are accompanied by service animals. According to my information, the app they use will also make them check a box that says they understand that failure to do so will result in their immediate suspension from the service. I note that the settlement has not yet been approved by the court and therefore has not gone into effect. I also note that a law is only as good as its enforcement, but one of the advantages of the UBER and Lift technologies is that the computer knows who has made a request, who has answered it, and whether or not a right is provided. The person requesting the right also knows the name of the driver, the car he is driving, his license number, and how close he is.
So, if I am a guide dog user, make a request, find that it is answered by Dan Flasar, am told by the service that he is arriving, and then find that no one comes on the scene, I have a way to contact Dan Flasar or to report him, with documentation to back me up.



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