[Nfbmo] Saint Louis County Accessible Voting Demonstration

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Hi, Todd. I have been traveling quite a bit in my job, and we have been
trying to juggle our responsibilities to my father and my mother-in-law,
both of whom are on hospice.


I am delighted to advertise your event to our St. Louis chapters. Given that
I am spending so much time out of town, let me provide you with my cell
phone number which is(573) 268-4245.







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Subject: Saint Louis County Accessible Voting Demonstration


Dear Disability Advocacy Leaders,


The Saint Louis County Board of Elections is hosting a demonstration of
audio voting equipment that is accessible to voters with disabilities such
as vision impairments. The demonstration is on June 7 at 2:00 PM.


The demonstration will be held at the Board of Elections' main office at the
following address:


12 Sunnen Drive

Maplewood, Missouri, 63143


Anyone who works for your organization, and any voter who uses accessible
voting equipment who is served by your organization, is welcome to come.


Their training room holds 50 people, so capacity is not expected to be an
issue. Nevertheless, they are curious to have an updated estimate of how
many people will be coming, so please give me an estimate of how many people
each of your organizations will be sending.





Todd Romkema

Staff Attorney

Missouri Protection and Advocacy Services

314-785-1702, extension 224

2000 Innerbelt Business Center Drive, Overland, Missouri, 63114


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